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Elven Forest was originally created in 2008 by Voy Sands, a lady who loved fantasy. Being in the forest was an escape for her but rather than just making it for herself, she also wanted to share it with other like-minded souls. Jaded Wings was created later in 2010 to reflect a darker fantasy and also for people to take pictures, hence the many poses you will find around it. The name 'Jaded Wings' was given to it to reflect a love that she once had for someone special in her life.

In March 2009, Elven Forest was transferred to a new full prim sim 'Blossom' and was revamped, with many new additions, reopening in April 2009. Due to a very busy RL, Voy Sands turned the Elven Forest over to Boaz Sands in July of 2010 after keeping it for about two years. (info gleaned from the old website - Boaz Sands in turn handed it to Jewells Dover in October 2013 who shared ownership with several devoted partners so the forest would be in safe hands and would continue to thrive. As of November of 2014, the pleasure of watching over the forest was given to Belladaine Nightfire and Dark Moon. Their love for the forest and the determination to keep the magic that can be felt flowing proves that the forest will continue to grow for many years to come.

In June of 2020, the forest suffered a loss of a beloved friend, Dark Moon. Our lion will continue to watch over the people in the forest, for he is now part of the magic that is alive and felt throughout the forest.

A new era began in August of 2020. The announcement of new ownership of the forest. Belladaine Nightfire remains as one of the owners and she is joined by Krystal Iridescent and Astrea Jupiter. All three share a passion and love for the forest. They are determined to keep the magic alive. It is great to know the forest is great hands for all to enjoy. 

Many photographers also love to come to Elven Forest, to capture their magic and mystery, often as a background for their models or clients so please enjoy our forest and feel free to explore it fully, finding all the hidden away places that are around! Beware, it can take you many visits to find everything so allow yourselves plenty of uninterrupted time.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you ask us, the grass is pretty green

over here. It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Everything I need. Stop by Elven Forest to see for yourself.

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